Cescaphe is the region’s premier event group. Having designed, crafted and executed every meticulous detail for thousands of weddings, corporate events, parties and more, Joe Volpe and his team of event designers and coordinators have thrilled and delighted their clients for almost two decades. Knowing they are responsible for major moments in their clients’ lives is not something the Cescaphe staff takes lightly. They work hard to create a stress-free experience that allows the celebration to take center stage. Given how emotional these events are, Joe and his team wanted to create a site that would bring those experiences to life and allow audiences to feel firsthand the magic of Cescaphe.


We knew creating a sensuous digital experience that would attract brides and their families would require an approach never before seen on an event planning website. During our discovery phase we uncovered an insight that would forever change how event planners and venues talk about preparing for an affair. For way too long, these companies assumed their clients simply wanted options—and in turn they offered up a plethora of them. Clients would quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of decisions they needed to make. In reality, all the brides really wanted was simplicity and unique ideas that took into consideration the expectations of the brides, grooms and their bridal parties.


For the new Cescaphe site, we decided to shift our storytelling lens to focus on the experience each member of the bridal party could expect during the bride and groom’s special day. Instead of highlighting venues, food choices and service, we made the site focus first and foremost on the emotion and the experience. The site positions the bride as the leading lady of her day and illustrates what she can expect, from being pampered the morning of her wedding to her walk down the aisle to her first dance as husband and wife. The site outlines how Cescaphe is able to bring to life the bride’s vision through a process that has been perfected by a thoughtful and experienced staff. The beauty of the site is that each member of the bridal party has their own page that romanticizes their individual role. Knowing that each member of the party is important to the bride and groom, we want to make sure that we build up their excitement of coming together to celebrate and let them know they too are vital to creating a magical and memorable experience.


With compelling new storytelling tailored to their audience’s emotional sensibilities, Cescaphe’s visitors became more engaged across their entire website. And, as a result, their clients became less engaged—and more married—across every one of their physical sites.