With a salesforce that numbered in the hundreds, Philips was experiencing tremendous success and support in selling their equipment to new client bases. But, where they were falling short was in translating those sales into financing relationships. Philips Medical Capital (PMC) needed a plan to help drive the Philips name across the entire sales engagement—from design, to purchase to financing.


To determine the areas of weakness that existed within the PMC salesforce and to uncover and help explain why PMC was largely not being leveraged, Highwater and Philips conducted a survey of a small sampling of their sales staff. We looked at sales team members who were actively using PMC and those who weren’t. These survey results were used as a key component to determine our strategies and develop the most relevant, useful and effective possible content for the future.


What our survey uncovered was that there was a lack of understanding of how to sell the Philips financing product. So we set about creating a series of communications and touchpoints that directly targeted the Philips salesforce to help educate and encourage them to cross-sell and solely use the PMC financing option. We created education materials that established a team spirit and ethos that promoted collaboration. We outlined the methods and strategies to engage PMC in the Philips sales process. We highlighted success stories and strategies that were being deployed by other successful sales team members and we delivered these messages through a simple-to-use training app. Because we knew if we were to gamify the experience, deliver the information in an approachable manner and reward success, we could make selling the PMC financing a no-brainer.


With a better understanding of the benefits of their internal financing solution, the Philips salesforce is now leveraging PMC to its full potential. And in doing so, they’re achieving their full sales potential as they overcome the most difficult objections, solve new challenges and close more and larger sales.