It’s time to

Forge new paths

For far too long, ad agencies have ignored what their clients have really been
asking for. Instead, they’ve focused on creativity and have become enamored
with winning awards. In too many cases, agencies have continued to cling
to the notion that clients merely want creativity and service—but what
they really need is shareholder value. Agencies have been completely
deaf to the economics of their business.

Creativity still matters, but unless an agency can anchor the discussion to measurable results, creative ideas are worth nothing. To survive into the future, agencies must become Agencies of Return. That means being prepared to measure everything and take an honest appraisal of the results. It means being nimble and not so infatuated with your work that you can’t adjust to improve its performance.

At Highwater, we’re listening loud and clear and challenging the status quo to do something completely different. That starts by charging for our solutions, not our hours. We cut new paths that demonstrate where we can drive client profit...and where we can’t. We measure results, demonstrate progress and prove our value by doing what clients desire most—improve their business.

Consider this

A call to arms

We’re currently recruiting like-minded agencies who are looking to strengthen their client relationships by reimagining
how advertising and marketing solutions are delivered. If your agency is looking for a new way, we’re looking for you.