Stanley was in the market looking for a partner to help create a campaign around their world-renowned Proto tools line. They were attempting to gain market share among professionals outside of their core audience in the aerospace industry. The ask was to develop a campaign that would tell the Proto tools story and illustrate how working within the aerospace industries allowed them to create the most advanced and high-quality tools available today.


After getting smart about how these tools were being used within the aerospace industry, it became abundantly clear that there was a level of high tech and precision these tools delivered that could not be found from any other competitor. Proto was constantly innovating the designs of their tools to keep in step with the advances that were being made in the industries around them. Whether used three miles down at the bottom of a coal mine, on an oil rig in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on a battlefield in a war-torn country or 20 miles up in space, Proto knew their tools had to work in the worst of conditions because the jobs are mission-critical. If the tools failed in such extreme environments, the results could be catastrophic and costly. We knew the teams buying Proto weren’t just buying tools. They were buying confidence and peace of mind. We now needed to make this message meaningful for industries who had yet to discover the best-quality tool in the world (and universe).


After interviewing many Proto tools users, we discovered that Proto tools were helping them do heroic things they felt no other tool could. The stories we heard were awe-inspiring and we knew quickly that the focus wasn’t just about the projects Proto tools helped to complete, but it was about the heroes who made the projects. They were professionals who had to work in the hottest desserts, the arctic tundra and the depths of outer space. We decided to focus on the men and women who were brave enough to work in the toughest environments in the universe and make it clear that with the knowledge that their lives were at stake, the tools they chose had to be tough, precise and safety minded—just like themselves, the heroes who used them.


Our creative concepts and ideas showed Stanley how to realign the Proto line’s marketing to make the professional the hero...and the product their superpower. We supplied Stanley with a plan to separate its product from the competition’s in a manner that struck every chord, from emotional to practical.