MEA engaged Highwater to help them communicate a shift that was happening in the HR-provider role in organizations across the country. MEA had developed processes and training modules that helped mid-market companies compete with larger competitors by providing critical training, recruitment, legal and human-resources services to better attract, educate and convert high-quality employees. Having on-site HR and recruitment support at companies that are working hard to compete can become a game changer. This level of big-company support for a small- or mid-sized company leads not only to a more loyal and satisfied employee, but also stronger performance and growth.


Our unique approach to helping MEA communicate this shift started with positioning their services as a way to solve business-growth challenges by filling the human-needs gaps that exist at many small- to mid-sized businesses. For companies that could not afford to build out a department of full-time HR and recruiting professionals, MEA delivered a simpler, more cost-effective and reliable way of providing services that would engage a company’s employees, allowing them to feel invested in and supported. We knew through research that a well-trained, happier and more productive team would lead to bottom-line improvements and overall company success.


While MEA had focused on communicating their service lists and highlighting how they were flexible and fit the needs of businesses around the region, we helped evolve the conversation by concentrating on the fact that, by using MEA services, it proved a company valued and was willing to invest in its employees. By convincing organizations that investing in their people was an investment in their bottom line, we shifted the perception of MEA from an HR-centric company to one that solves business-growth and -development challenges. We broadened the perspective of how CEOs and CFOs thought about the value of HR services for their companies. Whether for a 25-person startup or an established company with more than 250 employees, MEA empowered people with the freedom to succeed, and enabled them with the tools to exceed.


The people-first messaging resonated not only with HR managers, but also with C-suite executives who recognized their companies’ outcomes were tied directly to their employees’ success. MEA’s new positioning not only brought them brought them new members, but also brought them new cross-sell opportunities for existing members.